Circa45 by AdrienneRaichelle

"The sky is not the limit,
when there are footprints
on the moon."

Offering the finest professional services worldwide. 

Circa45 Professional Image Consultancy

Circa45 has a history of exclusivity while working with leaders from around the world who demand anonymity and who place value in themselves and their reputations. From Wardrobe Consultations to Image Branding, Circa45 offers an array of customization services. Circa45 offers executable, competitive, and pragmatic strategy planning and development services, by understanding and capitalizing and occasionally redefining the perceptions customers have of our clients. Our clients range from Professional Lecturers and Public Speakers to Politicians and Film/ Media Professionals

Circa45 Films

Circa45 Films is a professional resource for American and West African film industry. We service, outsource and refer attorneys/ barristers, screenplay writers, directors, producers, actors, MUA’s, cinematographers and a host of critical film crew / staff.

Circa45 Agriculture

Circa45 is committed to conserving our planets natural resources to maintain an ecological balance. Circa45 participates in and implements sustainable agricultural projects in the United States as well as in West Africa. By consulting with city and national governments, Circa45 brings together Industry Leaders in Real Estate Development and architecture to plan and promote self-sustaining Development Supported Agricultural Communities.

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